Sep 17

Personal stories: Donovan Tessmer

Donovan Tessmer was a 17-year-old standout student athlete. He had it all – college scholarship opportunities, a large group of friends and a strong family support system. A split second changed everything. Watch Donovan’s video, courtesy of Impact Teen Drivers. Then talk to your teen driver about the risks of riding with friends, the importance …

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Sep 10

What’s happening to teens who skip driver’s education

girl with driving instructor

Driver’s education is an important step in teens’ learning-to-drive process. Classes teach students basic skills they need to become better drivers – how to merge, how to safely turn left, how to gauge gaps in traffic and how to drive the speed that’s right for conditions. Unfortunately, fewer teens than ever are taking driver’s education …

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Sep 03

Teaching your teen to drive: Emergency vehicles and traffic stops


Are you teaching your teen to drive but not quite sure where to begin? DriveitHOME can help! We’ve developed practice tips and lessons for each week of the year so your teen’s learning process can be as smooth as possible. The lessons are a simple click away and, just like that, you’re on track to …

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Aug 29

How to teach your teen to be a safer driver

Teens may shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes and act annoyed when they’re around their parents. But the truth is teens look to their parents to teach them how to drive safely. Even if teens don’t acknowledge it, their parents are their role models – at least behind the wheel. Parents coach in many different …

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Aug 20

Why aren’t parents setting good driving examples?

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Research shows parents have the most influence on their teens’ driving habits. However, many parents still take the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude when their teens are in the car, watching parents’ every driving maneuver. A new study from Liberty Mutual Insurance …

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Aug 13

Video: Professionalism

An estimated 1 in 4 car crashes involve cell phone use – handheld or hands-free. While 80 percent of drivers think hands-free devices are safer, they are actually just as risky. Drivers are too distracted by the conversation to fully focus on the road. Teens need to be especially careful. Their crash risk is three …

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Aug 06

An open letter to every teen getting a driver’s license

By: Timothy S. Hollister *This article originally appeared on It is intended for any teen who is about to drive alone for the first time. My son Reid would have turned 25 this month. I say ‘would’ because he died, the driver in a one-car crash, at age 17, just 11 months after getting his …

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Jul 30

Video: What is cognitive distraction?

An estimated 1 in 4 car crashes involve cell phone use. There really isn’t a safe way to use a cell phone while driving, either. Even hands-free devices are risky, because drivers are too distracted by the conversation to fully focus on the road. It’s especially important for teen drivers to stay off the phone. …

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Jul 24

What are the best cars for teens?

The best cars for teens are old, slow, big and ugly, right? Many parents think so. Yet, the teens who die in crashes were, more often than not, driving an old vehicle. New research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety underscores the importance of putting your teen in the safest car possible. According to …

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Jul 15

Why teens shouldn’t wait to get a license

Written by: Laura Saldivar A few weeks ago, my friend purchased her first car at the age of 20. Although this was a big milestone, it was a concern for many. After finishing driver’s education, she went three years with little to no practice behind the wheel. She soon moved to her college and had …

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