GDL Game Plan For Coaches

A gameplan for talking to your student athletes about California Graduated Driver Licensing. For a copy of the GDL Game Plan for Coaches for your state, email [email protected]

Make an Impact | School Event and Activity Handbook

Make an Impact is an all-encompassing guide for how to tackle the issue of reckless and distracted driving in your school. Included is a list of potential interactive activities, engaging handouts, and other great ideas for you to really make an impact in your scholastic community. 

10 Step Facilitator Guide

The 10 Step Guide is Impact Teen Drivers Guide 101. It provides a step-by-step tutorial in how to engage teens in a 60-minute presentation, including two-way dialogue about distracted driving. You will watch videos, spin the probability wheel, learn about graduated driver licensing, and more. It is a great tool for anyone who is eager to address reckless and distracted driving as it is straightforward, and easily adaptable to fit different styles of presentation/facilitation.

Impact Your School | Comprehensive Curriculum and Discussion Guide

Impact Your School is the comprehensive guide to Impact Teen Drivers’ curriculums, guides, and outlines. Included are the 10 Step Guide, additional discussion questions, middle school presentation guide, and elementary curriculum. Login to download this resource.

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Talking to your teen about the rules of the road isn’t necessarily easy, but it is important. That’s why The Allstate Foundation created this Parent-Teen Driving Agreement. It will help you and your teen make safer decisions when he or she gets behind the wheel and when riding as a passengers with friends. 

Help Your Teen Head Down The Right Road

The teen safe driving information in this brochure will help you practice important skill sets and coach your teen to safer driving each time you get in the car together. 

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