NSC Survivor Advocate Division

The NSC Survivor Advocate Division is a community of individuals and families whose lives have been changed forever tragedy—includingmotor vehicle crashes involving teen drivers. It is a voice for victims, a forum for survivors and a catalyst for improved teen driver safety. Anyone who has lost a loved one, suffered an injury or been otherwise affected by a crash involving a teen driver is invited to join the division, share their story and help prevent future loss.

Through the Survivor Advocate Drivision, the National Safety Council is sharing the stories behind the statistics to raise awareness, change behaviors and make our roads safer.

Members of the division have opportunities to:

  • Connect with other survivors
  • Share their stories of teen driver-involved crashes
  • Educate communities and influencers about the lifelong impact these tragedies have on families
  • Give a human dimension to research and statistics
  • Mobilize their communities in support of efforts that will keep teens and others safe on our nation’s roads